Piano hire

Many people say they would like to play the play the piano, but with a new piano of reasonable quality costing from about £2,000, this can be the first stumbling block.
Speaking to a number of piano teachers, we have discovered that more people are taking piano lessons, and practicing on a keyboard or "electric piano".  Many of these people give up as the keyboard is limiting their progression as a pianist.
Because of this, we are offering a cost effective way to have a piano from as little as £20 per month.  The only other costs are a small deposit, the delivery cost, and having the piano tuned twice a year.  Delivery costs vary depending on location, but are often about £50. 
After 6 months of hiring the piano you have the opportunity to buy the instrument, with all money paid up to this point taken off the price of the piano, or you can continue hiring the piano on a flexible monthly basis.
If at any point you wish to stop hiring the piano, we just ask for a months notice to collect the piano.
Many piano teachers are now actively encouraging pupils to hire a piano from us, as it really does give an opportunity to see if it is something you wish to pursue longer term without having to make a large financial commitment.  The piano teachers who recommend us know that we always aim to provide quality hire pianos to our customers.
See "Pianos available" for the pianos we have in stock.  We already have many pianos out on hire.  This includes both piano hire in Swindon, and piano hire in many parts of Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, and Gloucestershire.